Docal System Support and Updates Service

This service is free for three months since purchase.

If you hire for one year, you will get 15 months and you can renew yearly afterwards.

It includes:

  • Resolution of every request about configuration and use of the software, by phone, email and/or on-line.
  • Download of all software updates from or web site as they are released.

To get support, please use one of these:

  • Get the integrated Instruction Manual by pressing F1.
  • Visit our forums to find solutions or to ask your questions.
  • Send a message through our contact page.
  • Call our support number +34 958 522 900
  • Get direct support in your PC by downloading our Support Tool and then making a telephone call.


Visión general (38 min)

Insertar documentos externos (5 min)

Volcar formularios a Excel - Parte 1 (4 min)

Volcar formularios a Excel - Parte 2 (5 min)

Volcar formularios a Excel - Parte 3 (3 min)

Agregar Campos Definibles a las tablas de Clientes, Proveedores, etc. (4 min)

Crear Tabla Definible y pegar datos desde Excel (8 min)

Usar en desarrollo una versión del Documento que ya está en el Histórico (1 min)

Configurar copias de seguridad automáticas (7 min)

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