Custom development

We develop Web, Windows and iOS / MacOS applications working in an integrated way and available in record time. Our IDT40 framework allows us to create and deploy applications fully adapted to the needs of your organization, with a professional finish and backed by more than 20 years of...

Docal System

For general purpose and also for Quality, Environmental and Safety Management according to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO17025, ISO13485, ISO15189, ISO14971, QS... and FDA's 21 CFR Part 11.

Asociaciones de Informadores Técnicos Sanitarios

Software de gestión integral de las citas de los socios, remesas de recibos, acceso para jefes de distrito y servicio...  .

Docal Cloud

Your Docal server in the cloud, safe and reliable, available from any location.

Docal Web

Docal documents and eForms always available from any location and device.


Your notes, photos and videos protected by a password.


It allows you to download documents in force in Docal from a link, without installing any software on your computer. Ideal for distributing Docal documents to suppliers, customers and other external users. With SDArchivo users can easily download documents in force in Docal using a browser in...

Docal Agent

Get your Docal messages by email, set escalations to make sure tasks are competed in time and get email alerts in critical dates.

Import Agent

Your Docal database always updated with the most recent information from customers, products...  .

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